4 Amazing Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving to Thank Seniors

Thanksgiving to Thank Seniors

During the holidays seniors often get overlooked, especially if they are in nursing homes or if they are no longer to venture out on their own. Why not find unique ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with seniors?

Here are 4 amazing ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your seniors:

Spend the Day at the Orchard or Pumpkin Patch
Spend the day at the local apple orchard or pumpkin patch with your family. Pick a bag of apples or choose a pumpkin for the Thanksgiving pie or jack-o-lantern. Enjoy a hay ride and spend some quality outdoors playing with the kids. Most orchards and farms are well prepared for visitors and seasonal activities for all ages.

Visit Shut-ins
Once you’ve finished dinner and are stuck with a bunch of holiday leftovers, create individual meal packages and visit a few of the shut-ins that live in your neighborhood. Go see family members who are no longer able to drive and that may not have visitors. Elderly shut-ins love to have company and the food is an added bonus!

Story Time at a Family Gathering
Take time at your family Thanksgiving gathering to share stories. Elderly family members can tell stories of Thanksgiving holidays that are long past and how the times have changed. It allows them to revisit a period of time when life was simpler and you know what it was like to be truly thankful for everything you had. It’s also educational for the kids.

Create a Family History/Tree Board
Create a large family tree on a piece of poster board or wood. Have people find where they belong and add their name. The tree will continue to grow as more and more people arrive at the gathering. It allows the elders to see the growth within the family and gives children a good idea of where they come from.

There are many ways to celebrate Thanksgiving with your seniors. A visit or phone call means more to them than most people realize. Taking the time to include them in the celebration, no matter what the activity is priceless.

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