5 Tips to Overcoming a Senior Loved One’s Resistance to Elderly Care

Elderly Care

When a senior loved one’s health starts to deteriorate, the topic of elderly care can often become a sore subject. Many times, your senior will resist your efforts to provide them with the care they need because they fear losing their independence. They may also fear that their needs might not be understood and addressed properly by others.

Read more to learn a few tips on overcoming a senior loved one’s resistance to elderly care.

  1. Understand Their need of Independence
  2. It’s important to understand their need for independence. It’s hard for someone to depend on others when they’ve cared for themselves all their lives. Try to use the right words so they understand better what accepting help will change for them.

  3. Choose the Right Time to Discuss the Issue
  4. Constantly bringing up the subject can also cause frustration. Choose the right time to discuss the issue and try to come to an amicable solution where everyone gets what they need.

  5. Ask Them What They Would Need the Most
  6. There are many options available to them. Elderly care no longer means being confined to a nursing home. Give them information on all of the options that are available and allow them to be part of the decision making process.

  7. Have Other Family Members Join the Discussion
  8. When your loved one has firmly decided against help, you may need to bring in some reinforcements. You might need the help of other family members and healthcare professionals into the discussion. Show them their options and let them know just how many people care about them and want them to have the very best care possible.

  9. Choose Your Battles
  10. There comes a time when you have to lose the skirmish to win the war. Compromises can be made that will allow your loved one to feel as if they have maintained at least a small portion of their independence. Know when to concede a battle and cut your losses.

Trying to talk with your loved one into agreeing to some form of elderly care can be like challenging. Approach them with the respect they deserve and always let them know you have their best interest at heart. Most people who are set in their ways don’t like change. Allow them some time. Start talking about the issue of elderly care early, that way if they do put up resistance, you have some time before making a final decision.

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