How to Make this Holiday Season Merrier for Seniors

Offer Holiday Gifts

Imagine waking up lonely on Christmas morning, with nobody around to celebrate the holidays with. That is the case with tens of thousands of seniors, who either don’t have any relatives or live far away from their family.

Social isolation is actually a growing problem among seniors, and it’s even more intense during the holiday season. The holiday season can be an opportune time for you to positively impact the lives of these lonely individuals. Here are a few ways you can make this Christmas merrier for seniors.

Offer Holiday Gifts

Offer Holiday Gifts
Look into local NGO’s and community organizations in your area to discover seniors who might not otherwise get presents this holiday season. Also, search for local volunteers who collect and distribute holiday gifts for thousands of separated and lonely seniors across a given city. These seniors may be living at home, in a long-term care center or in a medical facility over the holidays.

Such volunteer activities in your area can create a sense of purpose and spread holiday cheer.

Adopt a Senior for Christmas

Adopt a Senior for Christmas
Seniors can be neglected. But we should make an effort for people to give them some moments of happiness in their lives. During this holiday season, consider adopting a senior through a program like ‘Adopt a Senior’.

Often, these senior people lack visitors, gifts, and holiday meals during the holiday season. This is a small gesture from your end which can not only make a big difference in their otherwise solitary life but help them feel loved and cared for this Christmas.

Select the Right Senior Care Program for the Elderly

Senior Care Program for the Elderly
Senior care is costly and the charges always seem to go up and selecting the right kind of care for your loved one is immensely challenging for families. Choose a decent senior care program that is offered at the most competitive price and meets all the basic needs of your senior loved one.

Newport Home Care proudly offers the most affordable home care service for seniors, in Orange County and Greater Los Angeles. Two of our unique care programs include Tide Pools and Smooth Sailing respectively. Visit us to learn more about our care plans at


Nothing compares to the feeling of sharing the holiday joy with the ones who actually need it!

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